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Does this sound familiar?

Manual B2B workarounds

Behind-the-scenes emails, spreadsheets and approvals that lead to delays and dead ends.

Minimum viable experiences

A B2B customer experience that checks the box but falls short of customer expectations.

Endless engineering queues

New features, fixes and upgrades to your B2B sign-in experience that sit for weeks and months.


Internal and customer requests to customer support to create and update B2B accounts.

Support for all B2B models

B2B sign-in scenarios can vary quite a bit across different industries and business models. We support all of the major types of B2B models including hybrid models:


For organizations whose customers are other businesses

  • Example: Manufacturing


For organizations who serve their customers through third-party agents or partners

  • Example: Insurance

Hybrid B2B + B2C

For organizations that have both business customers and individual consumers

  • Example: Energy utilities

What makes our B2B CIAM solution unique?

The capabilities that set us apart for B2C CIAM deployments (read them here) also make us the top choice for B2B CIAM deployments.

In addition, competitors can’t match us on these three critical capabilities that’re required for successful B2B deployments.

Strivacity logo
Organizations and roles designed for B2B

Drag-and-drop organization and group assignments to support any hierarchy or permission combo for B2B users.

Org assignments and roles must be hard coded since the org model wasn’t designed for B2B.

One platform for all B2B scenarios

Manage an unlimited number of B2B customers (and customer relationships) from one platform so you can create different customer journeys for different user populations.

Typically requires multiple instances to support different customer relationships and/or customer journeys.

Audit from one place

Centralized auditing of all changes and user activity lives in one place so audits and compliance a breeze.

Audits typically require following bread crumbs and swiveling between multiple products and interfaces.



We’ll reduce engineering, maintenance and customer support costs for your existing B2B online experience by 60-80%.


Creating a 100% self-service experience means your customers own the responsibility (and risk) when their employees retain unnecessary access.