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Create, update and audit customer consents from one place

Consent Management

Managing customer consent is anything but a “checkbox” exercise when you’re crafting registration or sign-in journeys. Most of the time you write them in one place and hook them into your sign-in sequence somewhere else. Then, when auditors come calling you've got to sift through logs in a third place.


No integration

No coding required – create, update and edit all consents in one place


Get permission to collect info so you can personalize the customer experience

Easy audits

Make your audits speedy and squeaky clean

How it works

Simply choose which consents you need, who you need them from and you can start collecting them with a few clicks. Customers can even view and manage their own consents.

The Forrester Wave: Customer Identity And Access Management, Q4 2022

Strivacity offers outstanding consent management and authentication options. The vendor offers a purpose built CIAM solution with a comprehensive product vision for all aspects of CIAM.

Erica Tessier Hunt, VP Corporate Marketing

"The Strivacity team was very responsive. We made some really significant changes that improved user experience."

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How we’re different

Consent management is a built-in feature on our platform

Make consents optional, mandatory, explicit or implicit

Let users view and manage their own consents

Audit and track consents in one place

Key capabilities

One thing that makes Strivacity unique is that consent management is a feature (not a separate product). Since it’s integrated into our platform there’s no swivel-and-paste required. Plus, it’s easy to tailor where you want consents to fit into your sign-in journey

Author and update consents

Create or edit consents directly in the admin interface. Track new versions as you make updates and include links to external policies like T&Cs or privacy policies.

Collect consents

Make any consent optional or mandatory and allow customers to view what they’ve agreed to and opt out of non-mandatory consents.

Audit consents

Track which customers approved which consents across all your users and sites in a single location.

Consent management features


How it works

Authoring and updating

Consent statements

Write (or update) the text that your customers are consenting to including links to online terms like privacy policies.

Self-service consent text

Provide a short description of what the customer has consented to so it's easy for customers to manage their own consents.

Version control

Indicate when updates are minor – like a typo – and when it’s a major version that requires the customer to re-consent.

Consent type

Make any consent optional or mandatory. Or even set a date when an optional consent becomes mandatory.

Collecting consents

Choose when to collect

Capture consents when customers register, login or begin an identity verification workflow.

Choose who to target

Target everyone, or just specific groups of customers by location, group, or other criteria.

Manage multiple consents

Choose whether to push different consents to separate audiences and personas or use one consent for all sites.

Force reapproval

Require customers to re-consent when you make major version updates.

Self-service management

Customers and admins can view what they’ve consented to, opt out of optional consents  or even delete their account. 


Audit in one place

View detailed audit trails and see which consents each custoer approved and when consent text was edited.

3rd party integration

Send any consents to third-party consent management systems that you already own.

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