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We inspire unexpectedly
simple experiences

There had to be a better way. So we built it.

It all started with an evening phone call, a spark of inspiration and the unwavering belief that there was a better way to build customer sign-in journeys.

We saw a familiar (and frustrating) story replaying itself over and over with three common themes:

  1. Orgs conditioned to settle for months-long rollouts that were “good enough”
  2. Workforce-centric IAM vendors force-fitting their products to serve customer use cases
  3. Marketing and customer experience requirements edited out of scope

It was time for a plot twist.

What we believe in

It may sound odd but we want to make sign-in journeys forgettable so your customers are delighted by their destination (not the login box) and you remember the revenue… not the rollout.

Simple journeys grow revenue

Customer journeys are as
unique as your business

Journeys are always evolving

Meet our leadership team

Keith Graham

Founder & CEO

Stephen Cox

Founder & CTO

Szilard Stange

VP, Engineering

Chrissy Chambers

Senior VP, Customer Success

Michael Evans

Chief Market Officer

Robert Block

Senior VP, Global Alliances & Business Development

Andrea DiMarco

Chief Financial Officer

Our values

At Strivacity, we’re proud of what we’re doing but we’re also proud of how we’re doing it.

We’re committed to kindness

We hire people with a passion for their craft

We believe in ideas over hierarchy

We strive to exceed customers’ expectations

We do what’s right, even when no one’s looking

Our investors

The board

Keith Graham

Founder & CEO, Strivacity

Stephen Cox

Founder & CTO, Strivacity

Jack Huffard

Co-Founder, Tenable

Kevin Mandia

Founder & CEO, Mandiant

Todd Weber

Operating Partner & CTO, Ten Eleven Ventures

Chris Scoggins

Partner, SignalFire

Looking for a chance
to have your name on
something big?

We are changing CIAM by working with people who have a passion for their craft.

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