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Adaptive Access Controls

Craft simple and secure sign-in experiences with clicks (not code)

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Adaptive access controls

It sounds simple … let your customers in and keep the scoundrels out. But … put too much friction on a customer’s login screen and they might just click over to a competitor’s site. Finding that Goldilocks balance between security and customer experience is tough. Where do you set the dial? Go passwordless? Allow social logins? MFA?


Implement fast

Speedy low-code (and low maintenance) deployments –  days not months

Simple and secure

Low-friction sign-in journeys that step up security based on risk

Multiple login flows

Choose from a menu of options including passwordless and social login

How it works

Start with one of our pre-built scenarios (including passwordless), select your MFA methods and choose when to step up security. Add social login providers with a few clicks. You have 100% control over branding and messaging so you can create a consistent experience.

Nick Mansour, CRO

"Turning on MFA was literally as simple as clicking a radio button."

Don Assalone, Director of Global Cybersecurity

"Security is in Strivacity's DNA. That combined with the fact Strivacity was so easy to deploy and scale up convinced us they were the best solution."

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How we’re different

Configure sign-in workflows with clicks (not code)

Auto-scales to support spikes in sign-in volumes

Easy-to-configure step-up security rules that force MFA

Strivacity Risk Engine™ flags suspicious activity

Key capabilities

One thing that sets Strivacity apart is that you don’t need to crack open a “How to IAM” manual to add authentication and adaptive access controls to your customer-facing sites. Our low-code approach makes it easy to add SSO and MFA along with step-up and step-down rules that shrink risk.


Get going fast with pre-built experiences. Then, use our menu-driven admin interface to configure options any which way you want.

Adaptive MFA

Select from pretty much any MFA option imaginable. Then, configure Strivacity's Risk Engine rules to step up and step down security based on location and device risk as well as AI/ML based behavioral analytics.

Based on the rules you set, our risk engine can force the user to re-authenticate using MFA.

Single sign-on

Simplify sign-in by letting customers use the same login across multiple sites and brands. We support all the major standards including OAuth/OpenID and SAML.

Adaptive access controls features


How it works


Configure with clicks (not code)

Pre-built experiences and a menu-driven interface allow you to go live in days or weeks (no IAM PhD required).


Configure passwordless sign-in journeys. We support a variety of scenarios including single- and multi-factor passwordless.

Social login support

Packaged integrations with major social providers like Google and Facebook simplify sign-ins and capture demographic data from social platforms to better serve your customers.

Adaptive MFA


Our native MFA capabilities include SMS, email, magic links, voice calls, Google authentication (or other soft token) and FIDO2 biometrics like fingerprints and face ID.

Strivacity Risk EngineTM

We flag unusual activity based on location-, device- and network-based risk signals and then prompt customers for MFA based on conditions you set.

Step up and step down

Set rules for when you want to step-up or revoke authentication based on the riskiness of the transaction.

Single sign-on

One sign-in for multiple brands

Federated integrations let customers use the same login across multiple sites and brands that share common data or infrastructure.


We support multiple external/enterprise SAML2 logins from third-party or home-grown OIDC implementations.


Support for OAuth 2.0 scopes lets you select which attributes to synchronize with the Strivacity identity store .


We support multiple external/enterprise OIDC logins from third-party or home-grown OIDC implementations.

Customer experience canvas

Create customer sign-in experiences that look and feel like your brand

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Lifecycle event orchestration

Keep your customers’ data in synch with your CRM, MarTech stack and custom apps

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Consent Management

Create, update and add consents into your sign-in journeys

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Identity verification

Verify customer IDs by checking telco records, document verification or knowledge-based verification

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Fraud detection

Flag bots and suspicious logins by analyzing device and customer activity

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Adaptive access controls

Pick the ways for customers to authenticate — MFA, Social login, SSO, biometrics or passwordless

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Registration & self service

Make it a breeze for customers to sign-up, sign-in and manage their account

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