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Create customer sign-in experiences that look and feel like your brand

Customer experience canvas

Where am I? ... That “we’re not in Kansas anymore” reaction visitors get after clicking the “register” or “sign-in” button is a sure sign marketing was left out of the loop. It’s not uncommon. In fact, most CIAM solutions don’t envision marketing or customer experience folks as admins. We think that’s weird. That’s why we built the Customer Experience Canvas.


Brand matching

Brand logos, colors and fonts with a CSS editor in the admin console

Easy updates

Manage branding policies for multiple sites in one place

Persona pathways

Personalize the experience for different personas

How it works

Marketing and customer experience teams log in to Strivacity to customize branding and messaging for login screens, notification emails and even the wording in SMS texts.

Innovation Insight for Customer Identity and Access Management, 9 December 2021

"By 2024, more than 90% of B2C organizations will compete on the basis of customer UX. The digital experience will become the differentiation."

Nick Mansour, CRO

“Strivacity was a breath of fresh air. I had the luxury of first designing the ideal journeys for our customers and then creating workflows. Most vendors take the opposite approach and retrofit customer experiences to their tech."

Strivacity Logo

How we’re different

100% control over the brand and UX

Full CSS and Javascript editor on the platform

Customize different pathways for different personas

Rich user analytics via digital product analytics apps

Key capabilities

There’s no “set it and forget it” when it comes to customer experience anymore. Great customer experiences are always evolving as you learn about your customers. Our Customer Experience Canvas gives you insights into your customers’ sign-in journeys and lets you keep your brand consistent and the experience personal.


No iFrames here. Our brand editor makes it easy to brand registration, sign-in and identity verification screens. Live previews ensure your precise brand specs are reflected in all login and registration flows.

Persona profiling

All customers aren’t alike. Our persona profiling capabilities let you personalize the sign-in experience based on demographics like age and location. You can also use our “groups” feature to tailor what each customer can access once they sign in.

Analytics and insights

Customize dashboards and reports to get insights that improve your customers’ experience. Or, if you use a digital product analytics app, stream events from Strivacity to get a full picture of how your customers are interacting with your products.

Customer experience canvas features


How it works


On-platform CSS editor

Customize logos, colors and branding for each site with a fully-featured on-platform CSS editor with WYSIWYG viewer.

Branding policy manager 

Update universal or site-specific branding policies for different sites and brands – all in one place.

Email and SMS editor

Customize the messaging and format of notification emails and text messages to ensure a consistent experience.

Dynamic content

Pull in dynamic content from applications like Adobe Campaign Manager to personalize registration and sign-in experience.

Persona profiling

Persona pathways

Adjust the experience for different demographics based on registration data, location or other behavior.


Assign customers to different groups manually or dynamically so you can personalize their experience.

Analytics and insights


Spot trends in customer sign-ins, new-user growth and activity to identify trends and enhancements.

Digital analytics integration

Integration to digital analytics platforms like Amplitude, Gainsight and Pendo allow you to perform more advanced analytics.

Customer experience canvas

Create customer sign-in experiences that look and feel like your brand

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Lifecycle event orchestration

Keep your customers’ data in synch with your CRM, MarTech stack and custom apps

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Consent Management

Create, update and add consents into your sign-in journeys

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Identity verification

Verify customer IDs by checking telco records, document verification or knowledge-based verification

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Fraud detection

Flag bots and suspicious logins by analyzing device and customer activity

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Adaptive access controls

Pick the ways for customers to authenticate — MFA, Social login, SSO, biometrics or passwordless

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Registration & self service

Make it a breeze for customers to sign-up, sign-in and manage their account

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