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All inclusive CIAM pricing for B2B & B2C

We’re all about keeping things simple … including our pricing. We price based on the number of monthly active users (MAUs). You get all our capabilities in one product for one cost. No surprises. No change orders.  No hidden costs.

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Select # of monthly active users

Strivacity capabilities included with your license



Single-instance cloud architecture

Dedicated instance just for you; no resources shared with other customers

Lower environment (sandbox)

Developer environment for testing, QA and staging changes prior to production

Max # of monthly active users

Unique users who log in one or more times during a month

Auto-scales to 1 billion +
Service level agreement (SLA)

Standard SLA is four nines

Max # of applications / brands

Unique sites/apps with different policies and/or branding

Max # of integrations

Integrations include apps like CRMs, CDPs and marketing analytics

B2B and partner use cases

One instance supports B2C, B2B, B2B2x and B2P use cases

Unlimited organizations

Self-service registration, sign up, and account opening

Self-service account management

Self-service user mgmt, password reset and account updates

Consent management

Capture and audit consents for marketing preferences, T&Cs and more

Progressive profiling

Simplify sign-up by capturing additional info on subsequent screens or sign-ins

Account recovery

Pre-configured password reset and account recovery flows

Delegated administration / RBAC

Create and delegate roles with fine-grained permissions for marketing, CSRs and others

Adaptive MFA

Native MFA options include SMS, email, magic links, voice calls, soft token and FIDO2 biometrics like fingerprints and Face ID

Single sign-on (SSO)

Use one login across multiple brands or integrate your own SSO provider

Social login

Add popular social login providers with a few clicks (includes account linking)

Passwordless sign-in and passkeys

Add any FIDO2 biometric including fingerprints, face ID or passkeys

Adaptive access controls

Geolocation, improbable travel, anonymous proxy and breached password detection

Account linking

Link multiple customer logins across apps or with back-end CRMs to verify entitlements

API security

Generate and provide access token for use against your customer-facing REST APIs

Application entitlements

Verify entitlements via CRM or other database during sign-in process

Bot detection and blocking

Block access from IPs with known bot activity or require MFA when bot activity is suspected

Behavior analytics 

Monitors for unusual user activity and enforces MFA based on suspicious behavior, including time of login, location, etc.

Known device detection

Allow customers to "remember" their device as long as you choose

Breached password detection

New and existing passwords are automatically checked against a list of known breached passwords

Credential stuffing prevention

Detect and flag credential stuffing activity to prevent account takeovers

Phone number fraud detection

Restricts phone numbers used by bad actors including non-fixed VOIP, 1-800 and recently swapped SIM cards

Transaction-based pricing
Device risk detection

Evaluate risky devices that are new or not associated with a user's online accounts

Transaction-based pricing
Identity fraud detection

Verify email, phone number and address against authoritative sources to flag fraud

Transaction-based pricing
Physical document verification

Physical document verification (with selfie) - native capability or integrate your existing provider

Transaction-based pricing
Knowledge-based verification

Verification based on customers' answers to questions based on credit bureau data

Transaction-based pricing
Lifecycle event orchestration

Hook any app to the sign-in process with our low-code serverless dev environment

Persona-specific journeys

Create unlimited experiences based on any attribute in the IdP or observed behavior (e.g. location)

Plug-in library

Extensive library of pre-packaged integrations

Customer experience canvas

On-platform branding and messaging

No-code UI experiences

Policy-based updates automatically update customer-facing UI with no coding required

Analytics & insights

Detailed data available in dashboard plus integration with external analytics platforms


How do you calculate the number of monthly active users (MAUs)?

What happens if I go over my licensed number of MAUs?

How do you handle short bursts in logins that go over my licensed MAUs?

What's API security and how do you price it?

How does pricing work for B2B scenarios?

If I already have an identity verification solution can you integrate with it?

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