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Craft lightweight sign-in experiences that wow!

A sign-in dashboard

Go beyond the login button

Sure, it starts when your customers click login. Strivacity lets you pick your flavor: social login, MFA, SSO, passwordless, FaceID or just a good ole’ password. But customer sign-in journeys travel further. Are you sure that user’s really who they claim? Did they approve the latest T&Cs? When they update their account … how do you tell your CRM? Strivacity lets you take care of all that – all from a single platform.

Our design principles


Customers have to be the focus (not an afterthought).


Great customer sign-in journeys shouldn’t require a PhD in IAM.


Architecture matters.







  • Registration
  • Password reset
  • Account management
  • Identity store
  • Progressive profiling
  • Authentication
  • Adaptive MFA
  • Single sign-on
  • Social login
  • Passwordless login
  • Phone number
  • Digital attribution
  • Document verification
  • Knowledge verification
  • Any trusted source
  • Create, update and audit consents
  • Data residency for customer identity
  • GDPR / CCPA compliance
  • Behavioral patterns
  • Bot detection
  • Known device detection
  • Breached password analysis

Think big. Move fast.

(coding optional)

Everything’s simpler when it’s in one place. Strivacity gives you a single canvas to build your customer sign-in journeys. Use clicks (not code) to craft secure journeys that make sense for your customers without spending dev cycles or signing big SOWs to stitch multiple products together.

We create customer experiences others’ can’t

Whether you’re plugging in a new integration, adding social logins or changing the logo for one of your brands this is where it happens. One stop – and no need to file an engineering ticket!

Registration and self-service

Add user management including self-service sign up, password reset and account updates.

and authentication

We support just about any customer sign-in (and security) scenario you can dream up.

Identity verification

Check user-provided information (and even physical documents) against 3rd party sources including address, phone # national ID.

Privacy and consent

Capture customer consents for marketing preferences, T&Cs and more. Then, audit them all in one place.

Fraud detection

Flag suspicious activity when we detect anomalous activity.

Why our customers love us



We stop account takeovers (ATO) and let you say “yes” to marketing without buying 5 products and borrowing a developer to stitch them together.



We give you 100% control over branding, customer data stays in sync and you don’t have to open a ticket to make it happen. 


IT & Engineering

Our “clicks not code” approach requires 60% less engineering than traditional approaches.

Customer Experience

Customer experience

We let you tailor sign-in experiences for different personas and iterate wicked fast as you learn more.

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