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Registration and Self-service

Increase new account conversion rates by simplifying sign-ups

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Registration & self service

After all of the effort (and $) you spend to get new users to your “sign up” button you want them to zip through and get where they’re going. We help you capture data you want (tell me about yourself) and need (verify your account and add MFA) without putting up speed bumps that drag down your conversion rates.


Just clicks

No coding required – create self-service sign-up and sign-in processes

Customer growth

Increase conversion rates by creating a consistent (and simple) user experience

Keep learning

Personalize the experience by enriching data with progressive profiling

How it works

Turn on our hosted self-service functionality with a few clicks or use our APIs to integrate with your own profile management capabilities.

Customers can reset passwords and update just about anything you choose. Plus, progressive profiling helps you keep forms simple.

Erica Tessier Hunt, VP Corporate Marketing

"Strivacity made it possible for guests to easily manage their accounts the way they want to."

Nick Mansour, CRO

“One of the many things we love about working with Strivacity – no one on our team is solely dedicated to managing the product, and it requires minimal time from our developers to keep it running the way we want.”

Strivacity Logo

How we’re different

Configure (and update) sign-up flows with clicks not code

Orchestration keeps customer data synced with your CRM and CDP

100% control over branding and UX – even for text and email confirmations

Reduce form fatigue with conditional forms and progressive profiling

Key capabilities

Strivacity lets you replace hard-coded user registration processes in your app with a cloud-native as-a-service model that lets marketing and customer experience teams innovate faster and create carefully branded and customized user experience.

Account registration

Save your dev team the trouble of building a user management system from scratch. With Strivacity you choose which attributes you want to collect (and when).

Self-service account management

Automate password/username recovery. Plus, let customers update and manage anything they want from their address to their MFA options (or even revoke consents).

Progressive profiling

Avoid “big bang” forms that try and collect everything at once with progressive profiling and conditional logic that only asks for the information you need from each customer.

Registration & self service features


How it works

Account registration

New account sign-up

Create and customize pages for new account sign-ups using pre-built pages.

Branding editor

Customize the branding and messaging on all sign-in pages, emails and even the text in SMS notifications.

Identity store

Choose and define which attributes you want to collect from customers.

Self-service account management

Profile management

Let customers manage and update their own profile data including MFA settings, consents and more.

Password reset

Make it easy for customers to recover lost passwords and usernames via email, text or voice.

Synch with CRMs / CDPs

Update customer profiles in CRMs and customer data platforms (CDPs) whenever users change their profiles.

Progressive profiling

Gradual data collection

Add additional fields to enrich your customers’ profiles as they return and sign in to your site.

Conditional form logic

Customize forms for different users by displaying extra fields based on answers to previous questions on the form.

Multi-step forms

Break up forms into multiple steps so that users don’t get overwhelmed with too many fields and abandon the registration process.

Customer experience canvas

Create customer sign-in experiences that look and feel like your brand

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Lifecycle event orchestration

Keep your customers’ data in synch with your CRM, MarTech stack and custom apps

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Consent Management

Create, update and add consents into your sign-in journeys

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Identity verification

Verify customer IDs by checking telco records, document verification or knowledge-based verification

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Fraud detection

Flag bots and suspicious logins by analyzing device and customer activity

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Adaptive access controls

Pick the ways for customers to authenticate — MFA, Social login, SSO, biometrics or passwordless

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Registration & self service

Make it a breeze for customers to sign-up, sign-in and manage their account

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