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Does this sound familiar?

Neverending rollouts

“Go lives” that happen 6, 12 or even 18 months after you sign up with your CIAM vendor.

So much custom coding!

Squads of engineers and consultants furiously coding behind the scenes.

Add-on products + workarounds

Licensing add-on products and twisting workforce features to fit customer use cases.

Experiences that underwhelm

Settling for a “good enough” customer experience because “great” is too hard.

How we approach CIAM replacements

Goals, gaps & timeline

  • Timeline for go-live
  • Your reasons for switching providers
  • What needs to change and what stays the same

Customer journeys

  • Review current customer journeys for each persona
  • Identify current challenges and friction points
  • Capture opportunities to improve experience

Tech stack

  • Review where your CIAM provider touches your tech stack
  • Explore new opportunities to keep customer data synced
  • Document go-live integrations and use cases


  • Document key risks (and risk signals)
  • Review as-is and to-be process for customer validation
  • Design adaptive MFA process for customer journeys

Configuration & go live

  • Strivacity configures and tests instance
  • Strivacity trains your customer success team
  • Go-live, monitoring and adjustments (as required)

How your life changes with Strivacity

You can read all of the details about how we compare to other customer identity and access management (CIAM) vendors on our How We’re Different page.

Our customers that have switched from large vendors like Ping Identity, Okta/Auth0 and Forgerock consistently mention these 5 life-changers.

Custom code

I was able to sunset 80-90% of my custom code after launching Strivacity.


Strivacity’s cloud-native performance scales to millions of MAUs. I turned off all my “standby” servers.

Say “bye” to integration headaches

The low-code on-platform development environment hooks into any app; it’s a game changer.

Customer experience

The out-of-the-box no-code components make it easy to brand pretty much everything!

Rapid iteration

Marketing and security can make quick changes. We don’t have to wait for the next engineering sprint.

Strivacity TCO vs. competitors

Most customers realize at least a 40% reduction in total cost of ownership (TCO) by replacing their existing CIAM vendor with Strivacity.


All CIAM capabilities are delivered from a single SaaS platform so support costs are significantly lower.


Total license costs are usually about the same, though customers can often see savings by sunsetting or consolidating other CIAM-related apps.


80% of changes are implemented via drop-down boxes and radio buttons (not coding). The rest happens in our low-code serverless dev environment.