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Verify your customers’ identity at sign up (or any time)

Identity verification

Verifying who’s on the other side of the keyboard is one of the biggest challenges when you're crafing sign-in journeys. With Strivacity you can choose from all of the common identity verification techniques including phone record matching, knowledge-based questions and even document verification.


Build trust

Increase new account conversion rates

Make it easy

Bring contactless customer experiences to life

Protect customers

Prevent fraud and account hijacking

How it works

It sounds easy. Take something unique your customer knows (or possesses) and compare it to a trusted source of data. If it matches, voila we can assume the user is who they claim to be. But there are lots of decisions to make along the way. We put you in control so you can shrink risk and create a customer experience to be proud of.

Don Assalone, Director of Global Cybersecurity

“Our guests appreciate the ease of having a single account to access our offerings. They expect lock-tight security for their accounts. With Strivacity, we can give them that and more as we continue to grow.”

Susanne Colle, Director Loyalty Marketing

“The Strivacity team was so adaptable and friendly. From the start, it felt like they were a part of the Mohegan team.”

Strivacity Logo

How we’re different

No data provider contracts to sign

Set everything up with clicks … not code

Visual workflow lets you make adjustments fast

100% control over the brand and UX

Key capabilities

The real magic of our approach lies in the “how”. Our clicks-not-code philosophy puts you in complete control by letting you choose which layers of verification to include, which order to perform them in and how to route failures and successes.

Identity affirmation

We show you the key decisions you need to make in drop-down menus and on/off buttons so you can create workflows that best match the risks you want to mitigate. 

For example, start with lower-friction checks like phone record matching. Then, if it fails, route customers to knowledge-based verification based on credit bureau data.

Identity proofing

For the highest level of assurance ask your customer to scan their government issued ID and upload a “selfie” photo. We verify their ID with government records from over 200 countries and confirm that their selfie photo matches the picture on their ID.

You get 100% control over the branding and messaging so you can create a great experience.

Fraud prevention

To filter out visitors who are definitely not your customers we let you block all bots and also block risky phone numbers and phones that have recently had their SIM card swapped.

Identity verification features


How it works

Identity affirmation

Phone record matching

Affirms customer’s identity by comparing information presented by the registrant to their phone carrier records.

Knowledge-based questions

Affirms the customer’s identity by asking them questions based on their financial history.

Identity proofing

Document-based verification

Proofs the customer’s identity by scanning a government document and taking a selfie to confirm the registrant is the person on the ID.

Fraud prevention

Bot detection

Checks login and registration request to see if it is associated with known bot activity.

Risky phone number detection

Restricts phone number used for identity verification to exclude types frequently used by bad actors like non-fixed VoIP and 1-800 numbers.

SIM swap detection

Rejects phone numbers that have recently been switched from one device to another so bad actors can’t use stolen phone accounts.

Customer experience canvas

Create customer sign-in experiences that look and feel like your brand

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Lifecycle event orchestration

Keep your customers’ data in synch with your CRM, MarTech stack and custom apps

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Consent Management

Create, update and add consents into your sign-in journeys

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Identity verification

Verify customer IDs by checking telco records, document verification or knowledge-based verification

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Fraud detection

Flag bots and suspicious logins by analyzing device and customer activity

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Adaptive access controls

Pick the ways for customers to authenticate — MFA, Social login, SSO, biometrics or passwordless

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Registration & self service

Make it a breeze for customers to sign-up, sign-in and manage their account

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