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Strivacity and TransUnion Partner to Simplify Identity Verification for Customer Sign-In Journeys

New Capabilities Make It Easier for Organizations to Verify Who’s on the Other Side of the Keyboard and Support “Contactless” Customer Experiences

October 18, 2022, Herndon, VA -- Strivacity, the company aiming to make customer sign-in journeys entirely forgettable, has announced a new partnership with TransUnion. The partnership combines Strivacity’s native identity verification capabilities with TransUnion’s TruValidate Global Fraud Solutions. Strivacity customers can now confidently validate the identity of users using TransUnion, which provides a comprehensive view of each consumer by linking proprietary data, personal data, device identifiers, and online behaviors.

Identity verification remains a persistent challenge for customer sign-in journeys. Unlike workforce identity management, where the user’s identity is known to the employer, customers’ identities are unknown to the companies with whom they do business online. The integration of Strivacity and TruValidate makes it easy for brands to implement a layered identity verification process which examines users’ identities and unique risk patterns. Strivacity’s clients can also maintain full control over the identity verification experience and user interface, as well as the type of data and rules for validating users. 

“Making sure the people on the other side of the keyboards are, indeed, who they claim they are is one of the biggest challenges for creating simple sign-in journeys – especially if you care about creating a great customer experience,” said Keith Graham, Strivacity co-founder and CEO. “By providing our customers with TransUnion’s top notch solution to verify users, we’re making it easier for organizations to implement the contactless customer experience that their customers are increasingly demanding.”
“A great customer experience and best-in-class security across customers’ sign-in journeys is possible when you have full control over the workflow, branding and look and feel,” said Strivacity’s Chief Marketing Officer Michael Evans. “Our native identity verification capabilities give organizations complete control over the experience, eliminating the whiplash effect customers suffer when jumping between different interfaces in other solutions.”

The TransUnion partnership builds on Strivacity’s existing integration with Neustar, which TransUnion recently acquired, to determine users’ location and detect identity traffic coming from potential bots or anonymous proxy servers.

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Strivacity lets brands add secure log-in and identity management capabilities to their customer-facing applications without tying up a crew of developers or consultants. We offer a unified customer identity and access management (CIAM) solution that uses clicks (not custom coding) so organizations can get going fast and don’t have to choose between creating great customer experiences, securing their customers’ data and staying compliant with fast-changing privacy regulations like GDPR and CCPA. To learn more about Strivacity, visit

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