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Keep your customers’ data in synch with your CRM, MarTech stack and custom apps

Lifecycle event orchestration

How do we update _____ when the customer _____? It’s the question that comes up in every CIAM requirements meeting. The typical answer is “we’ll write some code” or “we can use MuleSoft” or … both. But that code is brittle and it lives in a separate code repository you have to manage. When it’s time to upgrade you’ll have to re-do it. We've got a better approach.


One place to (low)-code

It’s wicked fast to orchestrate just about anything since everything is in one place

Zero infrastructure

No servers or dev environment to stand up (and maintain and secure)

Easy audits

It’s got full auditing and logging of all changes to orchestration flows

How it works

Use pre-built integrations from our plug-in library or create (and test, run and secure) integrations to any app in our serverless dev environment without leaving the platform.

Don Assalone, Director of Global Cybersecurity

“Strivacity's low-code orchestration environment made it easy to integrate with our key systems without the need for a big engineering and professional services project.”

Taylor Hook, Sr. Solutions Architect

“Strivacity's orchestration capabilities are outstanding – this was a major selling point for our team. I love that we can easily build our own integrations right on the Strivacity platform, no ticketing requests or service agreements required.”

Nick Mansour, CRO

"When a new user attempts to register, Strivacity looks up the domain of their email address in Salesforce and maps it against the criteria we’ve laid out. The system then either allows or denies their sign-up request based on what they submitted.”

Strivacity Logo

How we’re different

On-platform orchestration eliminates swiveling from app to app

Requires minimal coding expertise and ties into NPM ecosystem

Serverless dev environment means no infrastructure to maintain

Logging and auditing happens in one place so troubleshooting is a cinch

Key capabilities

Strivacity lets you create lightweight “hooks” into virtually any app with our on-platform development environment. Customize registration by pulling in customer data from your CRM. Check product entitlements. Send conversion data to your digital analytics platform or suspicious logins to your SIEM. 

On-platform orchestration

Create “hooks” to any app with pre-built integrations from our plug-in library or use Javascript to write your own. We even tie into the NPM ecosystem.

Once you create a hook you can run it at any point in the customer lifecycle.

Plug-in library

Create and test integrations quickly (no dev tickets required). We’ve got pre-built integrations to dozens of the most common applications including Adobe, Salesforce, Hubspot, Splunk, ServiceNow, Amplitude and more.

Testing and auditing

Since our orchestration environment lives on the Strivacity platform all changes are logged for easy auditing.

We also automatically test all hooks and integrations during every upgrade so you don’t need to keep your dev team on standby.

Lifecycle event orchestration features


How it works

On-platform orchestration 

Serverless dev environment

There’s no separate dev environment or servers to maintain (and test and secure). You code right on our platform.

Trigger-based orchestration

Trigger “hooks” based on customer lifecycle events like registration, sign-in, profile updates or identity verification. 

NPM ecosystem

We tie into the node package manager (NPM) ecosystem where you can access more than one million available packages.

Plug-in library

Pre-built integrations

Choose from dozens of ready-to-go integrations for the most common applications that cover 80% of orchestration use cases.

User analytics

Send user data to digital analytics platforms like Amplitude, Gainsight, Mixpanel and Pendo for advanced analysis and reporting.

Testing and auditing

Hook testing at upgrades

Since your code lives on our platform, all orchestration hooks are automatically tested before upgrades.

On-platform auditing

All changes to hooks are logged so you can easily audit updates or quickly troubleshoot when things go off script.

Customer experience canvas

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Lifecycle event orchestration

Keep your customers’ data in synch with your CRM, MarTech stack and custom apps

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