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Investing in unexpectedly simple customer sign-in experiences that are also secure

It’s a big day for Strivacity. And an even bigger day for anyone who’s ever felt like they’re playing a game of Twister when they log into an app. Like break-out-the-party hats big.

Seriously, we thought the day Forrester named us a leader in the Forrester Wave: Customer Identity and Access Management, Q4 2022 was a pretty good, but today we’re celebrating another major milestone. No, it’s not the fact that we launched a nifty new website, logo and purple color scheme (though that’s cool too!).

The big news is that we’ve closed $20M in new funding and added another industry veteran to our board (more on that later). 

So grab a glass and let’s toast!

It’s time to say “yes” to simple sign-in experiences!

Before we look ahead, let’s talk about how we got to the point where logging in is such a Twister moment (place left foot on green, check email and enter code with right index finger). Well, unfortunately most marketing, digital experience and product management leaders have been at the mercy of 10-year-old solutions that were originally designed to police employee access to work-related apps – not zip customers past the login page and into their accounts.

In most cases, when marketing came knocking to ask their security colleagues, “Can we <insert reasonable request> to reduce friction for customers?” security had to say “no”. 

Why? In short, the security team was stuck with solutions that weren’t actually designed to support customer sign-ins – at least not without a crew of engineers to knit together a bunch of custom code.

It’s no wonder so many customer sign-in experiences are clunky, costly and take forever to implement.

It’s time for a CIAM plot twist 

Here at Strivacity, we’re re-writing the script for customer identity and access management (CIAM), so security can say “yes” to marketing.

It starts with focus. You see, creating customer sign-in experiences that wow (as in ‘wow that was easy!’) is our whole jam.

How do we make it happen? Well, it helps that we’re the first newly architected solution for customer identity and access management in the last decade. We started with customers in mind, and that sets us apart in three important ways:.

  • We create experiences others can’t. Everything is simpler when it’s in one place. We give you a single canvas that’s packed with capabilities to build and orchestrate your customer sign-in journeys. No need to integrate a separate product for passwordless, consent management, identity verification or branding. It’s all right on the platform.
  • We let you implement (and iterate) fast. Our “low code” approach lets brands use clicks (vs. custom coding) to create amazingly simple sign-in journeys for customers. You’ll use drop-down menus and radio buttons to do 80% of the work. That means you can go live faster. And when you spot opportunities to make the process even better for your customers, you can quickly make tweaks without submitting tickets to your engineering team.
  • It’s less expensive to operate our solution. Our customers are routinely surprised when they see the reality of how low-effort ongoing maintenance can be with Strivacity. We’re a cloud-native SaaS solution, so there’s nothing to upgrade or patch – even the integration code lives on our platform. And because we’re cloud-native you get reliable performance as we auto-scale to match spikes in customer activity.

A safe bet for customers

Our customers are far more eloquent than we can ever be. Take Mohegan, which operates Mohegan Sun, the second-largest casino in the U.S. They placed their bet (pun intended 😀) on Strivacity to enhance security and usability for their loyalty rewards program, Momentum.

You can read the full story here but suffice to say that Mohegan is a great example of how Strivacity makes both security and customer-facing teams like marketing smile:

“Updating security protocols for a 26-year-old organization requires a partner who purposely builds solutions with customers in mind and has security at the forefront. We have the same beliefs as Strivacity that customers should be front and center. Security is in Strivacity’s DNA. That combined with the fact that Strivacity was so easy to deploy and scale up convinced us they were the best solution.”

       – Don Assalone, Global Director of Cybersecurity

“I can’t emphasize the power of Strivacity’s people enough. Throughout this entire process, it has been a partnership. We are not just a client, we are partners. The Strivacity team was very responsive. We made some really significant changes for an improved user experience.”

       – Erica Tessier Hunt, VP Corporate Marketing

The funding

So back to the news of the day, our announcement that we’ve raised $20 million in new funding. This round is being led by SignalFire, a leading venture capital firm and brings our total funding to date up to $28 million. For us, this represents a tremendous vote of confidence in what our team has built to date, the trust our customers have put in us and our vision for what’s to come.

We’re also pretty excited that security heavyweights Kevin Mandia (CEO of Mandiant) and Jack Huffard (co-founder of Tenable) are both participating in this round. Kevin was already on our board of directors (check out our blog and video Q&A from back when he joined). Jack is joining as Executive Chairman and board member. Chris Scoggins, a partner at our new investor, SignalFire, is also joining our board.

Here’s to the future of CIAM!

Like we said back at the start of this article, while it’s a big day for Strivacity it’s an even bigger day for customers. With this new funding, we’ll be doubling down on making it even easier to create surprisingly simple sign-in journeys for our customers that are also secure.

So, if you’re looking for everything Strivacity’s known for – fast implementations, low deployment costs, a cloud-native architecture and buyer journeys you can craft with clicks (not code) – you’ll find it right here.

And if you’d like to see how great our sales team looks in purple, get in touch. We’d be happy to set up a consultation or demo!