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Take me to a leader: making waves in customer identity and access management

It’s not every week that your company’s debut in a major analyst report shows that your company is a leader. So please forgive us for a few puns.

The excitement here at Strivacity has everyone on our team scrambling for a Boogie Board.

If you’re one of the folks who saw The Forrester Wave™: Customer Identity and Access Management, Q4 2022 and you’re wondering who we are and how we got here, allow me to start with a friendly, um, wave.


Spotting the opportunity to reinvent CIAM

We launched Strivacity a little over three years ago because we saw a familiar (and frustrating) story replaying itself over and over with three common themes:

  • Orgs conditioned to settle for months-long CIAM rollouts that were “good enough”
  • Workforce-centric IAM vendors force-fitting their products to serve customer use cases
  • Marketing and customer experience requirements constantly edited out of scope

We thought that it was time for a plot twist, and so we set out to rewrite the script.

Fast forward 3+ years to today. Forrester has positioned Strivacity as a leader. We’re honored and proud of what our team has built so far – and especially thankful for our customers who shared our vision and put their trust in us. We believe our position validates our original vision and the product we’ve created.

Going beyond the login button

It may sound odd, but we believe the most remarkable sign-in journeys should be forgettable. Customers should be delighted by their destination (not the login box) and companies implementing CIAM solutions should remember the revenue … not the rollout.

So how do we create those “forgettable” experiences? I’ll spare you the full pitch (you can get that here) and just give you the highlights. We believe these three things make Strivacity approach unique:

  • Wicked low deployment costs: We’re 100% focused on CIAM. That, plus our “clicks not code” approach, means you do 85% of the work to go live with drop-down menus and radio buttons. For the other 15% our serverless low-code compute environment lets you configure Lifecycle Event Hooks™ without spinning up an engineering team. That translates into much faster go-lives and much lower support and deployment costs.
  • We create experiences others can’t: We designed our architecture so folks in marketing and customer experience can configure branding and buyer journeys any which way they want without creating an engineering ticket. That translates into higher conversion rates and faster user growth.
  • Cloud-native performance and security: Okay, that’s two things. But they go together. Our single instance Isolation by Design™ architecture auto-scales to support bursty traffic without skipping a beat. At the same time, none of your data is shared with any other customers. You can even choose what country your data lives in. That translates into lower risk.

Eyeing the line-up: an industry in flux

We also believe the CIAM market landscape is changing. New entrants like us are emerging. Private equity firms like Thoma Bravo are buying up other identity providers. Meanwhile, others continue to serve both workforce and customer use cases. In our view that’s good news for customers. There are lots of different options and approaches. And, we think, this Forrester Wave™ will be an invaluable tool in helping prospects navigate those options.

Check out your options!

Speaking of options. If a CIAM solution is in your forecast and you want to simplify your customers’ sign-in journeys, we think you owe it to yourself to give us a look. We’ve got a fresh approach. And, as stated in The Forrester Wave™: “In its strategy, the vendor has a comprehensive product vision for all aspects of CIAM.”

Get in touch here and we’ll have an expert who can talk tech on your first call.

And don’t worry, our demos are always pun-free. I promise.